Gas down, Frack down, rise up!

Global day of action – October 13th, 2018

Join the global day of action against gas and fracking!


Around the 13th October, people across the globe will organize actions, events and other activities to raise awareness of the struggles connected to gas and fracking – and to push for things to change!

Fracking and gas projects are destroying our environment and our climate, violating our rights, polluting our water, grabbing our land… The time has come for it to stop. Frackdown! Gasdown!

Affected communities have been fighting for decades imposed gas and fracking projects. They are fighting the companies pushing the projects, the governments that support them, the banks that fund them, and the petrochemical giants that make plastic from these fossil fuels.

A global movement against gas and fracking is rising. Around October 13th, let’s show the world that we are a diverse, creative, and determined global movement against fossil fuel extraction. It is time to amplify our voices!

Join us! Organise an action or join one of the actions happening close to you!

If you don’t live near a pipeline development or extraction site, you probably live near a bank or a company supporting the gas industry – get in touch for help identifying pressure points you are local to. You can also demonstrate solidarity with frontline communities resisting a certain supply chain, the people impacted by plastic pollution (closely linked to the gas industry) and those suffering from global warming already.

The actions are decentralized, and there are no boundaries for creative non-violent events; Photo stunts, games involving passers-by, marches, flash-mobs, sign-on letters, articles, calling on local politicians, actions on bikes and kayaks, banner drops, clean-up beach parties, recording videos and so on. It’s up to you to organize as you wish, with a community of gastivists (gas activists) to support you.

Free your imagination and make your own contribution to this day of action, be it a tiny one or a big one.

You represent an organisation?

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